About Us

Our story began when two of our founders, Anna and Isabelle, realised that some of the most exquisite furniture pieces in their friends’ homes were created for site-specific projects, like hidden gems never to be seen nor sold anywhere else. They set out to change that by connecting with the talented designers and artisans who made them; convincing them that such beauty should be seen and showcased…  

Founded in 2016 by Anna Zaoui, Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays, and Lily Froehlicher, Invisible Collection is now the leading online marketplace for discovering beautiful designs from the world’s most renowned talents. Our state-of-the-art platform offers access to a unique and curated inventory of bespoke creations internationally, entirely made by exceptional craftsmen with unparalleled expertise.  

We believe that design is art, and, like any other art form, it is a mirror of its time. The pieces of furniture we select reflect the best work conceived by great artists and designers around the world today, all handpicked for their relevance and uniqueness. Shining a light on creativity and superior craftsmanship, we present exceptional pieces to be cherished, collected, and passed on: all our designs are delivered with a digital certificate that proves genuineness and documents all specific details.  

With our team of passionate experts, we have built a fantastic network of artisans, designers, architects, and art advisors, working together to deliver the most stunning projects anywhere in the world. Following our launch, we have expanded our digital presence with showrooms in London, Paris, and New York, where design aficionados can enjoy in person our curated exhibitions of exceptional furniture pieces. Setting the standard for a more responsible approach to sustainability, we are the first company in our industry to offset the carbon emissions of all transport and delivery.

What services do you provide?

The company offers one dedicated client manager to handle end-to-end management of customisation requests from multiple designers/ateliers Corporate Sales on request, confidential sourcing of interiors, furniture and decor for luxury brand stores.

How would you describe your style?

"Our style is informed by our passion for Jean-Michel Frank, a true genius whose influence is still felt today. His iconic interiors and decorating schemes are all about the way art, architecture and decoration should always be in conversation thus producing a single aesthetic idea. Ultimately, we handpick forever-relevant designs, superbly crafted by the most skilled artisans, to start the conversation and produce a new aesthetic idea in contemporary homes."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"As part of our designer exhibition programme, we present Laura Gonzalez’ first solo show in New York at The Townhouse, our Flagship on the Upper East Side. Inspired by the sophistication of New York City in the 1980’s, the exhibition is a contemporary rendition of the iconic design styles and architecture of Upper East Side homes.  Appropriately titled, New York Splendor, the show takes over the main floor of The Townhouse with a carefully curated selection of Laura Gonzalez’s exceptional furniture. The experiential setting features Chinoiseries fabrics from Pierre Frey, travel inspirations, and contemporary materials combined to inject her signature, vibrant prints into a true New York City home. Highlights from the exhibition include a selection of pieces made in collaboration

with Goossens, Lesage Intérieurs, and Studio MTX three Maisons d’art of decoration and design, resident at le19M, a venue created on CHANEL’s initiative, in Paris, and dedicated to the promotion of savoir-faire. With their respective Métiers d’art and their different identities, they imagine creations that draw on an unrivalled heritage and benefit from recognized expertise and cutting-edge innovations in their fields. The three Maisons d’art are our partners at The Townshouse, together we promote and showcase exquisite crafts and French savoir-faire."