About Us

Riviere Rugs designs and weaves contemporary custom rugs entirely handmade in Nepal and India. Crafted using the highest grade Tibetan wools and both Botanic and pure Chinese silks, the team also offer a fully bespoke design service to the design industry in order to create exclusive one-off pieces.

What services do you provide?

Custom and Bespoke Rugs, Fitted Carpets

How would you describe your style?

"We tend not to follow trends but to develop new designs every year, taking inspiration from art, design and travels of founders and designers Camilla and Leo Riviere. A comprehensive collection of abstract, elemental, geometric, modern classic and transitional designs suit different styles. Although we love neutral hues of colours drawn from nature, we also like to play with accents of vivid colours which add depth combined with varying textures to add three-dimensionality."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Riviere reveals their new and exciting collaboration with renowned fabric and wallpaper house Zoffany: the two heritage brands have joined forces to create the inaugural collection of six Zoffany rug designs. Riviere was given exclusive access by Zoffany to their design archive of fabrics and wallpapers. With such a vast selection of beautiful designs, narrowing down the collection was quite a task. Riviere has selected six of the most iconic designs, translating them into rugs with the signature Riviere style. The story between the two brands began over a decade ago, supporting one another through campaigns featuring Riviere rug designs and Zoffany’s latest collections. The two Companies established a relationship based upon a shared mutual appreciation for luxurious contemporary design. Behind each rug lies a journey through hundreds of hours of design and hand weaving. Each design stands on its own as a new modern classic piece of exceptional quality. These six stunning rugs have been painstakingly hand-knotted in Nepal using the finest grade Tibetan wool and Botanic silk. Riviere offers a range of customisation options across colours, sizes and shapes."