About Us

PL Studio is a London-based interior design and visual branding studio founded by life partners Sabrina Panizza and Aude Lerin.

Sabrina and Aude, raised in Milan (Italy) and Paris (France) respectively, share the same vision. Inspired by the captivating use of colour of some of the most iconic decorative art and design movements of the 20th century, the creative duo looks beyond the trends to create elegant, yet playful interiors dominated by the joy of the unexpected and an unconventional no-rules approach.

Combining Sabrina’s love for maximalism and Aude’s passion for a more minimalist style, the spaces designed by the couple embody the maximal-minimalist aesthetic, where the personality of maximalism meets the spaciousness of minimalism.

How would you describe your style?

"With a passion for bold designs and a keen eye for colours, our projects are sophisticated and polished, with added playfulness and a great dose of joy. We combine simple geometric shapes and clean lines with eye-catching colours and punchy graphic patterns; we add mid-century design into the mix, as well as unique art and antique pieces to give life to a rich and joyous universe."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We have recently completed a three-storey townhouse in East London, part of a new development. We were appointed by a colour-loving couple to transform a sterile and soulless their new-build townhouse in Forest Gate into a warm, kaleidoscopic and characterful home. The townhouse was composed of a series of light grey square rooms that felt a ‘clinical’ and were lacking personality; the homeowners reached out to us to give life to their vision and help them create a welcoming, bold and colourful home, suitable for hosting friends and family, as well as spend many evening and weekends chilling at home with their lively puppy.

Although we admired the architecture and loved how the townhouse was beautifully filled with natural light, we felt that overall, the property was lacking character and positivity; we wanted to create a home that reflected our clients’ personalities and joyful spirit, a home filled with positive energy. Our response to the brief was a design packed with punch, colour and confidence. The starting point was a trip to Marrakech that the homeowners had recently taken; they came back to London with a desire to feel the warmth of the magical Moroccan atmosphere, seduced by the captivating shade of the electric cobalt blue, now known as Majorelle blue.

Embracing this intense yet fresh shade of blue, we created a wow-worthy Moroccan-inspired entryway, with references to one of the most famous gardens in the world, the Jardin Majorelle. This vibrant Mediterranean colour palette, composed of cobalt blue, sunny yellow and different shades of greens, combined with pink hues, instils warmth and joy into the entrance room. Arches and geometric shapes have been painted on the walls to evoke a magical atmosphere and introduce the surreal mood of the ground floor room. Journeying from floor to floor, guests are accompanied by the Majorelle blue, which connects all spaces and becomes the ‘fil rouge’ of the townhouse, although every space has its own strong identity.

We believe we instilled life and positivity into this beautiful townhouse, playing with bold colours and the ‘unexpected’- the result is a one-of-a-kind home.”

Images 1-3: Taran Wilkhu; Banner and Images 4-6: Aude Lerin