About Us

Ondine London design spaces that connect you to light and nature, changing the way you live, impacting the way you feel. The team bring style function and the natural environment into every space. They do more than design; they create intuitive spaces that flow with their inhabitants and nature. Ondine London study how people move and interact in a space that matters to them, then design ways to improve it. Their designs enrich the way their clients live their lives.

Ondine London is made up of a dynamic group of experienced architects, interior designers, lighting designers, architectural technicians, structural engineers and crafts people working across residential and commercial projects in London, the wider UK and Ireland. 

The design studio with Genevieve McGill and Phil MacMahon, the husband and wife duo at the helm, can be found through a hidden black gate on Wilton Way in Hackney East London. It consists of a team of architectural designers, space planners, interior and lighting designers. 

From creative consultation, space curation, full planning permission and interior design all the way through to construction, an Ondine London project brings a sense of play to the fore, creating a bright and happy home to be enjoyed by clients interested in innovative and beautiful design.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Construction, Interior Design, Kitchens, Bespoke Furniture Design, Furniture and Lighting Specifications, Architectural Surveys, Structural Engineering Solutions

How would you describe your style?

"The studio's style is eclectic and layered, with a strong emphasis on materiality and the importance of light and how it moves through a space. Layering textures with an emphasis on touch and feel and how the different spaces within a home should flow into each other in a considered manner. An Ondine London home strives to help the people living within it to feel calm yet uplifted."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"The studio recently undertook the full refurbishment of a beautiful Edwardian three-bedroom house in Crouch End, London. Many clients approach Ondine London with the same request: to design and build a rear extension with added loft space on a period property.

The issue of light in the centre of these older properties crops up again and again as the middle reception rooms are often left dark once an extension is added to the rear of a period property. Our team of architects and designers tackled this issue with the insertion of a highly planted glazed lightwell to join the older part of the property to the new glazed rear extension.

The studio achieved full-planning permission for both the rear and loft extension within a strict conservation planning area of Crouch End in north London. Our client - with an interest in keeping fit - then requested we incorporate a full-height gym and family room into a newly proposed basement level.

We undertook to once again achieve full planning permission for this basement conversion and set to work with our team of builders to ensure we made this a light-filled space with direct access to outside terraces on either side that allowed for important light-flow and wild planting ensuring a calming, bright space was achieved for our client who works within the film industry and has a very busy schedule.

A home gym enabled privacy and more private space for the family within a conventional period property in London. We designed and oversaw the fabrication of beautiful Crittall French doors to the garden, and ensured a flush threshold was achieved to allow for the much sought-after flow between kitchen level to the garden for private entertainment and relaxation space.

We also designed and fabricated a number of bespoke furniture elements in the kitchen, reception rooms and bedrooms to ensure a high level of design and finish was achieved throughout the full renovation of this beautiful period property. Ondine London moves a project from design to full planning permission phase to build / construction phase and into lighting and interior design. Our studio can provide a completely finished home all within our studio remit. This is a very unique selling point as our clients can hand over all worries and stress and know they will have a beautiful family home at the culmination of the project."