About Us

Officine Gullo is a pinnacle of Italian excellence as a producer of luxury metal kitchens, professional cooking appliances and kitchen accessories, thanks to the enlightened vision and drive of the founder, Carmelo Gullo, now flanked at the company’s helm by his three sons Pietro, Andrea and Matteo. Today, Officine Gullo owns single-brand showrooms in major international cities and design capitals including Florence, Milan, London, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Moscow, Cape Town and Lagos.

The Florentine company is imbued with artisanal and technological innovation, creating exclusively with noble metals such as brass, copper and steel according to traditional Florentine craftsmanship. The result is a harmonious aesthetic between the classic and the contemporary, the most authentic expression of a great artisanal culture. In every Officine Gullo kitchen, all the cooking and refrigeration elements are capable of professional performance, made according to the principles of domestic ergonomics, that can be used at home on a daily basis in maximum comfort.

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"Timeless design, top performance, tradition, and innovation: these are the cornerstones on which Officine Gullo has built its success as one of the leading Italian design companies worldwide. In Officine Gullo luxury kitchens, tailor-made structures coexist alongside innovative technology of cooking and refrigeration equipment. Design is what joins these two very different spirits, blending the tradition of artistic metalworking with precision mechanics."

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"Every kitchen by Officine Gullo can be fully personalized in terms of composition, dimensions, colours and finishes. Only the finest materials are used, such as thick stainless steel, burnished copper, cast iron and forged metal, while the extensive range of professional cooking accessories that equip the built-in hobs and ranges vaunt next-generation technology."