About Us

Ochre designs furniture, lighting and accessories for the interior. Its designs place equal importance on harmonious proportions, luxurious materials and matchless craftsmanship. British designers, Joanna Bibby and Harriet Maxwell Macdonald, who shared an aesthetic for the beauty of the understated, founded Ochre in 1996, and Solenne de la Fouchardiere became the third partner and fellow designer four years later. Alongside selling directly to individuals, Ochre's clients are leading international interior designers and architects, and the team have worked on many custom projects for private residences, boutique hotels and restaurants throughout the world.

Today, Ochre is acclaimed internationally with showrooms in London and New York and continues to grow organically whilst staying true to its considered design roots. It is the destination for those in search of discreet glamour – the hallmark of Ochre.

What services do you provide?

Furniture, Lighting and Accessories

How would you describe your style?

"Joanna, Harriet and Solenne are curious about material. They are endlessly seeking new components, unique ways of manipulating a surface, and different textural pairings. This results in designs which are tangibly organic. They elevate the raw matter of the earth, foregrounding our instinctual attraction to natural forms and materials."