About Us

Hélène Marie Design is a dynamic, London-based design practice founded in 2001 by French interior designer, Hélène Marie Dabrowski. Creatively-driven, Paris-born Hélène specialises in elegant, luxurious spaces infused with texture, personality and joie de vivre. Combining rich colours and eye-catching patterns with art, ceramics, antiques and original details, Hélène’s carefully tailored interiors have a playful, soulful energy and never take themselves too seriously. 

From a townhouse in Chelsea to a family home in Belsize Park, a Cotswold manor and a farmhouse in Brittany, Hélène’s projects cover London and its surrounding counties, as well as her native France. Every space is designed to be lived in and enjoyed to its fullest, enabling clients to live beautifully in a home that reflects who they are, without compromising on comfort or function.

Born and raised in Paris, Hélène grew up arranging room sets for her dolls and visiting the city’s brocantes, museums and galleries. Weekends spent wandering through Paris’ Les Puces de Vanves market or visiting works by Matisse and Miro at Le Centre Pompidou piqued her passion for antiques and ceramics, and inspired a lifelong love of colour and pattern. 

Hélène trained in interior design at London’s Chelsea School of Art and Design and established her studio in 2001 after several years of industry experience. She lives in south London with her husband, an artist, and continues to take a curatorial and sustainable approach to design, sourcing and commissioning unique works of art and furniture for her projects. When not working, Hélène is busy sourcing treasures for her own renovation project in Brittany.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"My style is luxurious, liveable, authentic and eclectic; I like mixing different elements of design from different periods. I am passionate about bringing interiors alive through colours and patterns, like a painter or interior colourist. I have a layered approach to design and like to introduce meaningful personal touches with hand crafted pieces and art."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"I recently finished refurbishing a manor house in the Cotswolds for a family whose London pied-a-terre I'd designed previously. They were living in the property throughout the refurbishment so it had to be carefully planned in three stages to minimise the inconvenience of building and re-decoration. The first stage was the most disruptive: we had to remove the existing kitchen and replace it with the new custom made kitchen we had designed. We then progressed to the utility room and all the children’s bedrooms, and finally all the living areas. The second stage involved remodelling the master bedroom and bathroom and creating a dressing room in between, before installing and decorating the other two bathrooms, one at a time. Finally, we refurbished the staircases, which were completed with a specialist paint finish.

The third and final stage involved building a new link between the main house and the coach house - in collaboration with the architect - and refurbishing the existing coach house. The project was a listed building and therefore not without its challenges, but I carefully guided the client through all the different phases, from the concept and detail design to managing all aspects of the interior design and completion. The project didn’t come without challenges being a Listed building though; I guided the client throughout all the phases of the work, from the concept, detail design, managing all aspects of the interior design and completion."