About Us

GHARA is the leading global supplier of exquisite handmade rugs.

With a wealth of experience gained over many years in the industry, we aim to help with all your needs whether it's a work of great beauty from the ranges of the world's leading rug artists or a bespoke piece produced exclusively for you.

We represent only the most innovative, and award-winning, international rug brands. Jan Kath, Lila Valadan, Floor to Heaven (by Michaela Schleypen), and Zoe Luyendijk Studio all challenge convention while staying true to their roots.

We are the market leaders in sustainable practices, using natural dyes and materials, wood fuelling and water recycling to keep local sources clean. 

We hold unparalleled standards for fair working conditions to support the wellbeing and prosperity of our craftspeople and their families. 

Our designers are certified partners of ethical standard bodies Label STEP and GoodWeave where applicable.

How would you describe your style?

"At the heart of GHARA is a passion for beautifully designed rugs that will become a highlight of any home.

All of our pieces are handcrafted by artisans using the finest Tibetan Highland or New Zealand wool and processes of knotting, weaving and tufting that are often 2,000 years old.

Whether contemporary or classic, all are timeless. Our rugs are intended to be forever pieces that can be repaired and reused for generations to come. Our rug designers are the industry leaders, setting the standards in both quality, and design. Our rugs are highly sought after by the most discerning clients globally for both centrepieces, and everyday use."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We are true bespoke specialists, and no two projects for us are ever the same. From rugs, to wall-to-wall carpets, outdoor rugs, runners and even matching cushions or day beds, we are able to supply virtually any project. We also carry thousands of immediately available rugs, for those with time-sensitive projects, or who just don’t want to wait."