About Us

Franquemont is passionate about preserving the global heritage of textile design and manufactures for classic and contemporary homes. Historic motifs and traditional crafts from around the world serve as an endless source of inspiration from the revolutionary Batik designs of the brand's namesake Carolina Josephina von Franquemont to classical 17th-century Dutch textiles. Reinventing these designs for today's interiors, Franquemont embraces the stories of the past and the possibilities of the future.

Each of the brand's pieces has been through a journey of relentless research and experimentation before production even begins. Honouring a rich heritage of craftsmanship, Franquemont's fabrics are printed to order in England and woven at the finest mills in Europe. 

The company's mission is to create artisanal pieces with the same enduring style and quality as the heirloom textiles they celebrate. Inspired by the pioneers of the past the team champions the unexpected and unconventional. Every home has a story to tell and we believe yours should be an extraordinary one.

How would you describe your style?

"As masters of classical eccentricity, Franquemont honours heritage in the most unexpected ways. We are passionate about preserving the global heritage of textile design. History serves as an endless source of inspiration but decidedly modern we rework these motifs for today’s interiors. Each fabric has been meticulously researched, designed and crafted. The result is a collection of culturally rich, artistic textiles made to stand the test of time."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Franquemont offers a bespoke design service. If you wish to realise an individual commission drawn on Franquemont’s design expertise, high levels of craftsmanship and quality of materials, please contact enquiries@franquemont-london.com with the details of your project."