About Us

Finkernagel Ross is a studio comprised of architects and interior designers creating bold, hardworking spaces that realise their clients' ambitions. Its designs are not restricted to a certain style, palette or influence; what they have in common is a sense of excitement, an element of drama or surprise, and a narrative that is inherently bespoke and personal to the client.

The team works with inspired homeowners looking to achieve truly one-off spaces that will last them a lifetime, and design-focused property developers seeking to raise the bar by doing things differently. They enable ambitious restauranteurs and discerning commercial property investors to unlock potential by going beyond standard design responses to achieve their vision.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Interior Design, Art Curation, Bespoke Furniture Design, Project Management, Cost Consultancy and Garden Landscaping and Design

How would you describe your style?

"Our residential projects are all about possibility. How can we frame light, space and texture to create impact? How can we harness natural materials to do something unexpected? How can we make the most of every little detail to create something extraordinary? The small things matter to us as much as the big things, and being alert to every possibility matters most of all.

Tradition matters to us, too. We are – every one of us – inspired by the way things have always been done, by the age-old craft of making, by enduring materials such as marble, timber and steel. We’re drawn to the carpenter’s workshop, to the smells and the sawdust, and we delight in the clean, simple lines of mid-century furniture. Often, it’s the classical, timeless designs that we appreciate the most.

Our projects are our way of bringing together all of these things. And every project is our chance to do something different, with a bold and distinctive idea at the heart of it which makes it inherently bespoke and personal to our clients. We never take the beaten track. We develop and shape our ideas carefully, thinking through every possibility, drawing by hand, making models, and handling different materials."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Finkernagel Ross had the pleasure of recently working on and completing a new build residential project with basement in Highgate, north London, having worked closely with our clients on all aspects from start to finish. In the initial stages, our services included the architectural design of a new-build family home with impactful features such as 10m high double volume spaces including a spectacular bespoke spiral steel stair, a first-floor master bedroom suite, open plan family spaces, a courtyard garden with outdoor kitchen, internal swimming pool, gym, and bespoke cinema room. 

The latter stages included services to do with luxurious interior design which centred on wellness principles, family living, bespoke furniture design, art and sculpture curation and sourcing, styling and garden design.  All of this in turn provided a home which was complete down to the towels and bed-linen, ready for our clients to move in. 

Traditional materials such as natural stone, marble, timber, velvets, bouclé, linen and wool were used throughout to add warmth, cosiness and texture to the contemporary, light-filled, dramatic architecture."