About Us

Specialising in residential interior architecture, design and decoration, Emily Rennie Design aims to help unlock the potential of our client’s homes by creating beautiful, harmonious spaces that flow and work seamlessly with the rhythm and functional demands of their lives. We are an award-winning interior consultancy based in South-West London offering a breadth of support – from large residential refurbishments with structural works, to small projects that may just be one room – all with an equal focus on functionality and aesthetics.

Emily believes that great design has the power to transform and enrich the way we live and that finding the right balance between function and beauty brings effortless harmony.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design and Decoration, Furnishing and Artwork Curation, Project Management

How would you describe your style?

"Considered spaces with an emphasis on cohesion, flow and understated beauty are the hallmark of Emily Rennie’s interiors. We do not have a house style – instead, we prefer to place the client at the centre of the process and work in collaboration with them to create a bespoke design solution and scheme that is tailored to their personality and unique style."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"My clients had recently purchased a ground floor apartment in an Edwardian mansion block that needed complete refurbishment since it hasn’t been touched since the 1960s. Although the front of the property got loads of light, the rooms at the back were quite dark and small, so we decided to reconfigure the space by moving the kitchen from the back of the building into what was the living room and opening up the wall between what was a bedroom to make a large open plan kitchen/living space since this is where they would spend most of their time. In order to facilitate this, we needed to relocate some of the bedrooms to the back of the building including the nursery since the client was expecting their first child and we suggested that a slightly darker room would be more conducive to sleep! This room has been decorated with a large wall mural of a jungle scene and fun jungle animal fabric window blinds as the client was keen to have nongender specific décor with future children in mind. They also wanted to create a home office that was separate from the rest of the living space, so it was agreed that this would be located in one of the south-facing rooms to make the most of the light. We created a large family bathroom in what was another bedroom and reconfigured the layout of a shower room to also create a laundry area to maximise the space.

As part of the process of agreeing on the layout and decorative scheme for this project, we spent a lot of time getting to know our clients, working through different scenarios of how they envisaged using the property and how they wanted to feel in each space. It was important that the overall decor was elegant and calm, but also relaxed enough to accommodate family life. In each room, there are lots of little details that were tailored specifically with the clients in mind."