About Us

Alison Henry is an interior architect and furniture designer known for designs that invoke a sense of timelessness and grandeur, while not forgoing the needs of today’s modern family. Whether working on a home, a hotel or a luxury yacht, Alison creates 'liveable' spaces that remain true to their architecture and are made to stand the test of time.

How would you describe your style?

"The hallmarks of Alison’s designs are her dramatic playfulness with scale, a deep respect for the original architecture, attention to fine detail, a reverence for historical and cultural influences, and an understanding of the daily life practicalities that influence the making of a true home."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"My latest project is a full renovation of my own Georgian villa in London, which I share with my four daughters. When I first toured the Belgravia townhouse, I fell in love with its “Alice in Wonderland” feel. The entrance to the house was covered in vines and greenery and felt like a secret opening carved out of a hedge. Once inside, through a pair of ornate French doors, the property opened into yet another enchanting garden filled with charmingly overgrown trees and lovely white rose bushes. I knew from the beginning that the house would eventually have to go through serious structural repair works, having not had a renovation in over thirty years. After a few years living in the house and getting to know the space, I not only understood what needed repair, I also had a clear idea of what structural changes needed to be made, and what additions (or subtractions) might add value to the space. Beautiful decorative features such as custom ceiling roses, gorgeous slabs of Statuario marble in the bathrooms, bespoke ironmongery at the entrance gates and towering floor-to-ceiling Crittal windows, added to the houses original charm. Capturing light and bringing a sense of the outdoors in is one of my signatures. The biggest highlight and most difficult challenge of this project was conserving the ancient wisteria that has gracefully adorned the courtyard walls for decades. During the renovation, we had to build walls around it, scaffold around it, and install windows around it but I’m certainly glad I persisted. I can see its value for it is a thing of majestic beauty. Dappled light streams into the house through the picture windows, which allow me to witness the wisteria bloom and change from season to season adding to the open, airy atmosphere I wanted to convey throughout the house. Marble, mirrors, textiles and bespoke fittings certainly do provide texture, but nothing makes a magical interior like the outdoors."