About Us

ABL3 Architects, formerly known as Adams+Collingwood Architects, is a London based architectural practice. They design and deliver beautiful new homes, schools and businesses that improve quality of life, gain high market values, are low maintenance to run and make a positive contribution to the environment. Highly trusted by their clients, ABL3 Architects has developed a reputation over the past 30 years for delivering well-crafted quality architecture that stands the test of time.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Extensions, Interior Design and Project Management.

How would you describe your style?

"ABL3 Architects are known, above all, for our classic contemporary style. Our architecture is always bespoke and shaped to meet the needs of the individual project – we are led by the buildings, contexts and clients with whom we work. 

We delight in showing each client how we can take their property to the next level through the clever use of space. In many cases, the additional space that the client gains as a result of our designs far exceeds what they initially imagine they might achieve. Our modern, innovative approach blends with an appreciation for the classic, timeless finishes. 

Our architecture is also highly pragmatic – we work with our clients to ensure that their projects serve their needs precisely, as well as looking fantastic. This is, necessarily, led by each client, so we work closely with them in order that their input is an integral part of our work, every step of the way. 

We are delighted to have won multiple awards for our architectural work over the years. While our core focus is on delivering buildings that make our clients happy, it is wonderful to know that the quality of our architectural services is also recognised across the industry."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"An example of a completed project is Darwins Holdings in Hampshire, where we showcased a superb, two-house multigenerational design. The clients’ brief to ABL3 Architects was to realise their family dream and design a pair of sustainable houses for three generations to make their home. The smaller house, home to the grandparents, is a cosy, quiet retreat with a traditional pitched roof, whilst the larger has a more contemporary mono pitch roof and is designed to be a social gathering space for the parents, children and their friends. Both houses are south facing and sit on the same northern axis against a public road and mature tree line which creates a beautiful natural frame to the north, opening out onto the family’s picturesque meadow to the south. 

Architecturally they connected by a cedar rear wall protecting them from the road and landscaped adjoining terraces. The architects made a purposeful distinction between solid public-facing north elevations, and open private south elevations. Internally all habitable rooms take full advantage of the south light and meadow views, with circulation and ancillary spaces situated on the north.The northern main entrances to both houses feature large light filled hallways with views straight through to the meadow. Both have generous staircases at their heart and in the larger house this has become a central feature. Independent Corian-shaped triangular treads are designed to let maximum light through and cast playful shadows.

ABL3 Architects took the decision early on to focus on long term quality and use the same materials and detailing in both houses which creates an interesting dialogue when expressed in two different forms.The resulting houses offers a unique living environment that balances large living spaces with an appropriate number of bedrooms. Internally, the design flows beautifully with glimpses of the other house, with the garden integrated into the design of the house to great effect.The entire project demonstrates simple design with maximum effect, all thanks to a carefully thought out solution to link the houses with the external materials and plan form, while delivering individual solutions internally for each house and family."