About Us

Pringle & Pringle is a Surrey-based interior architecture and design studio. We design home interiors that express our clients’ unique personalities and nurture wellbeing through exceptional functionality.

Influenced by Sophie’s architectural training, our designs are uniquely meaningful to each client, reflecting their individuality, identity and vision. Practicality and comfort are top priorities, complemented by our use of colour psychology to evoke very personal senses and moods for each client. This ensures that our clients’ homes are luxurious while also deeply practical, life- enhancing and environmentally considered. 

We often source antiques for our designs and repurpose clients’ existing furniture to help shift the industry focus away from newness and relentless consumption. This approach minimises the environmental impact of our designs and ensures clients’ stories continue to be expressed with clarity post-refurbishment.

Pringle & Pringle enjoys delivering projects across the entire United Kingdom, from West London and Devon to the Isle of Arran in Scotland. Our clients partner with us throughout their home-owning journeys thanks to our deep client relationships and unwavering focus on creating homes that bring joy.

What services do you provide?

Artwork, Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"We channel our clients’ individual personalities rather than embody a particular style. However, we enjoy incorporating a playful variety of textures, colours and patterns to create welcoming retreats from the busyness of modern life, placing human experience at the forefront of design."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We have recently completed a pied-à-terre in Chelsea and a family home in Hammersmith. Both were full property decoration projects with all new furniture throughout, lighting, and bespoke joinery.

We are currently working on a full house refurbishment in Chiswick which includes a new internal layout, basement, extension, and garden building. We have designed every aspect of the interior including all the architectural detailing, the kitchens, bathrooms and furniture. We are also working on an exciting new build project on the Isle of Arran, updating the interiors of two beautiful period properties in the south of England and refurbishing the country home of an existing London-based client."

Banner and Image 1,3 + 4: Helen Cathcart; 2+5: Alexander James; 6: Joakim Boren