About Us

Established in 1989, Rose of Jericho has been at the forefront of the revival in the use of traditional materials in the conservation, repair and decoration of traditional and historic buildings for over 30 years. The company advocates an approach of minimal intervention, embracing, preserving and repairing existing building fabric rather than wholesale renovation. They manufacture and supply a range of historically authentic traditional paints, made using only artist quality natural earth and mineral powder pigments which provide a beauty and purity of colour rarely achieved in modern paints. Much of the charm of limewash and distemper comes from a lack of uniformity with subtle variations of colour and tone.

Emulsions, flat oil and eggshell paints are also handmade to order in Rose of Jericho's workshops in Dorset.  

They slake and mature lime putties, prepare pre-mixed lime mortars and plasters, graded stonedusts and various specialist additives for the conservation of historic buildings. Rose of Jericho has an international reputation for mortar analysis and historic building consultancy and hold libraries of historic British aggregates and mortars.

What services do you provide?

Handmade Traditional Paints, Lime Mortars, Lime Plasters & Limewashes suited to historic and traditional buildings, Colour Matching, Historic Mortar Analysis, Historic Building Consultation

How would you describe your style?

"Our paints are authentic and traditional in both composition and colour. They are sympathetic to, and suitable for use in, historic buildings and are available in a range of traditional colours with a beauty rarely found in more modern formulations."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"All our paints are handmade to order. We are skilled colourmen and can create unique and bespoke colours by eye. We also design and match lime mortars for the repair of historic buildings. Our paints can be found on all manner of buildings from Historic Royal Palaces to small country cottages, lived in and loved by their owners."