About Us

At home in town and in the country, Richard Parr Associates (RPA) is an architectural practice with studios in London and the Cotswolds. RPA’s discrete and experienced approach to design has led to its ‘modern traditionalist’ ethos, working between historically significant, residential and hospitality properties and exemplary new-build and reinvented homes in the landscape. Led by its founder Richard Parr and supported by a 30-strong talented team of architects, designers, visualisers and researchers, the practice is synonymous with spaces brought to life through materials, craftsmanship and technologies that add luxury and comfort with minimal impact on the environment.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Garden & Landscape Design, Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"Individuality is at the heart of each quietly ground-breaking project. The foundation of which is an understanding of each client’s creative and social interests, as well as their practical and physical needs.

Sustainability, longevity, landscape and locality underpin the creation of successful architecture. At RPA, we thrive on a journey with our clients combining work with pleasure, cultural experiences and well-being to develop the ultimate brief based on a deep understanding and a desire to curate spaces."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"A Grade II listed 17th-century manor house with Arts and Crafts additions in Gloucestershire was sensitively refurbished and redesigned, transforming the property into a light and stylish modern family home powered by environmentally friendly local sources.

To ensure there was ample space for entertaining, work, study and sporting activities, significant structural interventions were made. The complex layout was improved to fit the family’s needs while the main roof was dismantled and rebuilt with the addition of a new porch to the historic facade.

The replanned interiors were carefully restored to imbue the home’s historic fabric with a stunning contemporary edge. Modern interventions blend seamlessly with the home’s historic features, with pale walls and monochrome detailing to provide a sleek, contemporary backdrop for the owner’s collection of treasured art and furniture.

A series of outbuildings were repurposed to create two-bedroom accommodation, three guest suites, a gym, a dance studio, a glasshouse and landscaped kitchen garden, while the pool and pool house were redesigned.

Environmentally friendly energy sources were introduced to the site, with energy now drawn from the river and heat exchange units, with ground source heat exchange loops incorporated."