About Us

Emma Painter Interiors crafts considered interiors that express the story of the people living in them. These interiors are grounded in the history of the buildings that wrap them and are in touch with their locality. Every single space is designed with a purpose – the key to properly ‘living’ in a home as opposed to ‘inhabiting’ a house.

Full analysis of how clients use the spaces in their home ensures the creation of cohesive, functional living spaces that not only look good but work well. The resulting interiors are beautifully designed, fit for purpose, hot on the detail, future-proof, and enlivened with a sense of fun. 

The studio’s bespoke way of working ensures an end-to-end service that has the best possible outcome for clients and their projects. When working with each client the goal is always to create the perfect interior for the life they would like to live. In short, every little detail is carefully considered from artwork right down to the bedding, customised to each unique project.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"Founder and designer Emma is a firm advocate of the essential balance between beauty and functionality for every single detail of an interior. “I love contemporary clean lines, favour mid-century modern style and am in love with the Scandinavian aesthetic of making something the best it can be without any unnecessary add-ons – the perfect balance of functionality and good design.”

This intuitive design approach ensures each completed interior is a perfect fit for the lives clients live now but also with an eye to the future: creating future-proof, expectation-exceeding spaces in which clients can live their best lives, comfortably surrounded by the things they love."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"This award-winning studio provides a range of no-nonsense design solutions to carefully guide each client through their design journey from start to finish. Great communication and regular discussion are the centre of each service provided, with beautiful and practical design solutions provided to suit each client’s lifestyle and build budget. 

All of the studio’s services – interior design, decoration, styling, consultation or e-design - can be tailored to any space, be it a single room or a whole house. 

'At Emma Painter Interiors we know that cluttered mismanaged spaces are hard work to live in. Our role as interior designers is to analyse how you use the spaces in your home in order to create functional living spaces that not only look good but work well. A successful interior should be full of ‘stop in your tracks and take it all in moments’ – little snapshots that reveal the personality of a home’s inhabitants. Intuitive interiors allow you to enjoy your space without hesitation.'"

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