About Us

Shenouk was founded in 2014 after a trip to Jaipur turned from overseas indulgence into an all-consuming passion. Founder Sherine Freeth had always loved the magic and exoticism of Indian block printed fabrics, and as she got to know the artisans behind the trade that she so coveted she realised that there was a real and valuable artistry to their work. At first, Sherine bought what she felt drawn to, then began designing her own prints and Shenouk went from table linens to bedspreads to an array of home accessories in just under 18 months. Seven years on, Shenouk has evolved considerably but its commitment to discovering unique and talented printers who hand produce in small batches remains, ensuring high quality, unique pieces that will last a lifetime.

What services do you provide?

Hand Block-Printed Table Linens, Lampshades, Bedding, Cushion Covers and Home Accessories

How would you describe your style?

“First and foremost, I wanted Shenouk to feel timeless. We are all about celebrating the moments in life that matter and I wanted to create something that our customers would reach for time and time again. Whether it’s a favourite tablecloth that you might use on Christmas Day and then later for lunch in the garden with friends or a quilt that gets handed down from one sister to the next, our pieces are made to be cherished. But I also didn’t want the brand to feel fussy or precious and I think that’s reflected in the fabric that we use, which is beautifully simple cotton and the colours and prints that we produce. Everything we make at Shenouk is supposed to be a joy to pull out, a little bit indulgent without being stuffy, elegant but relaxed."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"As with so many of the finer things in life, Shenouk’s pieces may look effortless but they are anything but! Signature items are the result of multiple artisan’s handiwork, many of whom live at opposite ends of the world from each other and creating one-off commissions while also adhering to Shenouk’s standards can be a challenge. That said, with sustainability in mind, no offcut goes to waste and so bespoke items such as lampshades can be made on request."