About Us

Anna Jeffreys’ collection of original fabrics and wallpapers has evolved to produce a wonderful statement of her love for both the classical and more contemporary design and colour. This is reflected strongly in all of her designs, capturing not only a boldness and willingness to evolve, but also a deep respect for the more traditional heritage in which she grew up. This affinity for the pairing of traditional and contemporary aesthetics inspired a collection that brings together fruit, flower and leaf forms and combines them with clean lines and vibrant colour.

Anna’s collection is unique, personally designed and drawn in the studio at her home in rural Leicestershire, England. The designs are all printed in the UK on the highest quality linens and papers, allowing complete control of the detail and quality in the manufacturing process, and enabling a resilience to withstand the rigours of modern living. The result is an exclusive and exciting collection, where Anna’s passion and personal touch shine through at every turn.

Throughout her career, initially as an interior designer, and now as a designer of fabrics and wallpapers, Anna has been inspired by her love of old buildings, and their re-purpose for contemporary use, heavily influenced by her grandfather – an architect in her native South Africa; whilst her grandmother - a great gardener, inspired in her a love of plants and all their forms. Anna’s experience affords her an insight into the importance of matching the aspirations of the client, to the practicalities and passion required to maintain a contemporary, relevant and vibrant collection.

What services do you provide?

Textiles and Wallpapers

How would you describe your style?

"My style would best be described as eclectic – I have always been hugely inspired by everything around me, wherever I’ve lived and travelled. I have always preferred to mix and combine patterns and colours in interior spaces. I rarely sit down to draw and design pattern with a fixed idea in mind but will spend time sketching and ‘doodling’ using a variety of materials - inks, paints, crayons, felt tips, brush pens and pencil."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"My range of designs can be recoloured and rescaled, to suit the client, if so required. 

Linen: The patterns are reproduced on a wonderful 100% linen which is softened, and suitable for all purposes, and on which all the design colourway samples are supplied. Alternative base cloth samples are available on request.  

Wallpaper: The wallpaper patterns are reproduced on matt paper, other wallpaper substrates are available. 

Colourway trials and adjustments: Trials on either wallpaper or linen, for colourway alterations and alternative base materials are charged for on an individual, pattern by pattern basis, and quoted for in advance."