About Us

The Smith and Payne Gardens design approach has evolved to a point where the majority of the work the company is asked to undertake involves making gardens in symbiosis with nature. All projects begin with the same design principles: creating a layout that provides the bones and internal structure in a garden, and satisfies the functional needs and desires of the client. They then weave a tapestry of wilder perennial plants into the garden that knit together and interrelate. 

Smith and Payne Gardens eschew seeing plants merely as decoration as they all have characteristics in their own right and roles to play that transcends being purely ornamental. The schemes allow each plant to complete a life cycle of its own, only being cut back in early March when that cycle begins again. Linear divisions such as hedges that relate to the house can be softened and blurred by naturalistic planting that is easy to maintain. The company always designs with upkeep in mind as the long term success of any garden depends on the quality and knowledge of the maintenance that it receives. Creating a garden that becomes a burden for the client makes no sense and will result in a space that is far from self-sustainable.

Planting is inspired by naturally occurring habitats. Such plantings are designed landscapes composed of a series of interwoven layers that form a community, abstracting the patterns and rhythms found in nature. This results in organic gardens that look beautiful throughout the year as the planting has been devised to have a succession of multi-seasonal interest. 

Smith and Payne Gardens has grown and nurtured all manner of plants over the years and only select and use them in a garden if they are fully confident that they will establish and thrive in their allocated position. The company strives to create gardens that are full of biodiversity to provide much-needed habitats for numerous wild creatures; for them, it's important that a garden doesn't rely on artificial inputs such as noxious chemical sprays, fertilisers, lawnmowers, leaf blowers etc to keep them in check. It is with this in mind that they try to escape the traditional idea of gardens and gardening.

What services do you provide?

Garden and Landscape Design, Estate Management, Consultancy

How would you describe your style?

"Smith and Payne Gardens aim to help each outdoor space reach its full potential by dovetailing the aspirations of the client with the possibilities of the site. We collaborate and use our combined fifty years of experience to ensure that our clients end up with a garden that they feel part of for twelve months of the year. Our gardens are best summed up as being attuned to ecology and informed by horticulture."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We design and build beautiful gardens to a very high standard that go above and beyond the brief of the client. We aim to stay in touch with the garden as it evolves in order to make sure that its maintenance needs continue to be met, advising early on if any fine-tuning is required or guiding it as it evolves."