About Us

Atelier Tymovski is an interior architecture and design studio founded in 2009 by Tamara Tymovski. Tamara defines her approach to design as interior therapy and space refinery, creating exuberant yet relaxing spaces vibrating with positive energy. She explains “the starting point in all my designs is thinking about how I want people to feel when they step inside one of my interiors. Whether it is a residential home that I am working on, restaurant, holiday let or a boutique hotel, the overarching aim is to inspire happiness and celebrate individuality. ”

Tamara complements her professional training in interior design at Chelsea College of Art with property development experience and a background in fashion, thus skilfully balancing practicality with aesthetics. “When reconfiguring residential interiors our main focus is on opening spaces for better energy flow, more natural light and maximising storage in the most stylish way possible. With commercial projects we believe a successful design scheme is the one that inspires specific emotions whilst connecting to the location and history of the place, thus creating an unforgettable experience and desire for clients to come back. 

With a team of architects, furniture and garden designers, Atelier Tymovski delivers residential and commercial projects from concept to completion with attention to detail to satisfy the most discerning clientele.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"Eclectic, exuberant, effortlessly glamorous, yet relaxing and comfortable."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"A recent project involved the interior design of a client’s second home in Spencer Park, Battersea. One of the biggest challenges was a dingy basement guest suite painted in cold blue, with the only window looking out onto a deep lightwell. We focused on creating a cosy, warm space with a luxurious and inviting feel. We lined the walls with a sumptuous soft pearlescent grey sisal wallpaper, which beautifully reflected the low-level lighting, and injected rich emerald green, dusky rose and mustard colour scheme with a slight nod to mid-century glamour. What completed the transformation was the visual trick of an illusion window mirror peeking from behind lush vertical green wall we created on the once barren light-well wall. It mirrored the fabulous naturally green outlook from the lounge upstairs, and created and immediately uplifted the spirit of the room."