About Us

David Keegan has been designing award-winning gardens and landscapes across the United Kingdom and Europe for over twenty years. In that time, he has achieved international recognition for his work with worldwide landscape design awards, as well as gaining national and regional awards. David is also the only UK garden designer to have been awarded the Northern Design Award for Best Garden Landscape Designer a total of four times. His work has featured in numerous magazines with a number of his projects featured in books on international garden and landscape design. In 2005 he was a participant in the ten-episode BBC2 TV program “Garden School.” 

He regularly appears on horticultural trade discussion panels, with a design philosophy very much focused on plants and planting. His personal motto is “It’s All About The Plants.” 

How would you describe your style?

"My design philosophy centres around romantic naturalism. Every garden or landscape is in some way connected to the wider surrounding landscape, whether in the midst of the country surrounded by fields and trees, or city surrounded by buildings and windows. There is a relationship in all things, and a poetry that is there to be teased out. If I have a style, it is an aim to tease that relationship out, making it part of the contextual affinity with the garden or landscape I am designing. That in itself creates a verse that resonates in harmony with the surrounding environment."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"I have recently completed designs for a garden that is little more than a postage stamp in size. It is, however, bursting with potential due to the nature and design of the attached house. The garden had been designed some five years ago by an unnamed designer, but unsuccessfully, and as the property featured floor-to-ceiling windows, spanning a kitchen-diner on one level along with a sub-basement snug, I wanted to push the space out from the house. The redesign now incorporates multiple interconnected levels with a series of satellite terraces leading to a floating water platform. Focal points from the house now include a very dynamic water fall and bespoke sculpture platform and screen. The garden will be built later this year and I am particularly excited to watch it take shape."