About Us

Tollgard Design Group is internationally known for its bold, contemporary interiors. Born out of a shared passion for design, the studio was founded eighteen years ago by Inchbald-educated, husband-and-wife team, Staffan and Monique Tollgård. Born and raised in Stockholm, Staffan uses the Scandinavian expression of the ‘red thread’ to explain the unique creative DNA that runs through each project, giving it coherence and integrity. The Belgravia Showroom brings together a very personal selection of the best and the bold of furniture, lighting and accessories from around the world, and their two showrooms in Chelsea Harbour offer a multi-brand curation as well as a mono-brand partnership with Ceccotti Collezioni.

What services do you provide?

Furniture, Lighting, Interior Design, Project Management

How would you describe your style?

Bold and contemporary, using our ‘red thread’ philosophy to maintain coherence and unity.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

“Every client has a unique story. We tell it with the language of design”. We are deeply interested in the lives that our clients live, in the architecture that they have chosen to express their identities in and protect and nourish their family life, in the collections amassed over their travels. We want the interior design of the homes that we work in to express their identity and to fit within the architectural and natural environment: a coherent story where the interiors speak to the exterior and vice versa. Increasingly we have become absorbed with how design can help families live more meaningful, balanced and connected lives together. While the balance of form and function is at the head of our practice, you might say the heart of our work is about how to create spaces and opportunities for family time and personal growth. As working parents of young boys we are deeply committed to helping our families use their homes thoughtfully, practically and meaningfully.