About Us

Blending the old with the new. Years of interior design and period renovation projects manifested an obsession with beautiful lighting and accessories for founder of the Soho Lighting Company, Lee Lovett. From independent lighting consultancy to light piece design and room illumination, she set out to harness and integrate exquisitely designed, timeless handmade lights, switches and sockets with modern, efficient lighting technology.

What services do you provide?

Home Accessories, Home Technology, Lighting

How would you describe your style?

Beautiful, timeless and versatile - our lights and accessories are traditional in design, however optimised for modern living. Our bulbs, whilst ultra-efficient LED, replicate the original design of incandescent bulbs and work harmoniously with period lighting. We have elegant, screwless switches and sockets which come in a range of finishes and work seamlessly with the latest home automation technology. Our Lights reflect various period and vintage styles and are made with sympathetic materials, fabric cables (double insulated and earthed), brass, nickel or hand painted finishes. Exceptional quality underpins our passion for creating inspirationally lit spaces.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

At the Soho Lighting Company, we pride ourselves not only on delivering meticulously crafted, stunning aesthetics but also in providing independent lighting advice beyond our products and a service to exceed your expectations. Gorgeous lights and accessories are the life blood of our business, however understanding light, how it illuminates, falls and changes the mood of a space lay at the heart of what we do. We design and develop our own ranges of handmade and hand finished products and also undertake specific custom client projects and technical based lighting design challenges through our consultancy service. We have worked with some of the most revered designers of the present day and our exquisite ranges of lights, sockets, switches and vintage LED Edison bulbs can be found adorning exclusive boutique hotels, leading chains, private residences and iconic venues alike. Be it in the provision of lighting product or lighting consultancy, our focus and passion lay in facilitating our customers’ vision and bringing interior design to life through the art of exceptional lighting.