About Us

Established in 2015 by Louisa and Charlie White-Thomson, The Lost Corner is an independent and family-owned interior design boutique, consultancy and online shop based in Barnes, South West London. They provide beautiful, hand-picked items for the home alongside creative and thoughtful interior design advice. 

The founders aim for The Lost Corner experience to be ‘off the beaten track’ and evocative, with much of the design's inspiration coming from their own individual experiences and the craftspeople they work with. They firmly believe that each artisan's work tells a story and evokes many wonderful memories: rich colours, textures, aromas, the backdrop of their studios and workshops. The aim is to bring this alive and share it with their clients. 

Louisa guides and supports her interiors clients in their own unique design concepts, and facilitates their own creativity and ideas. She likes to begin with what is already in place, as more often than not, the client’s own unique keepsakes and choices contain all the elements required to make a beautiful design. Sometimes ‘less is more’ and the work can be as much about small changes and re-organization as elaborate creative commissions. Whichever approach is taken, she wants the results to be the same: an enjoyable experience, with as much clarity on costing as possible, where the clients have achieved their design vision in a creative and thoughtful way.

What services do you provide?

Curtains and Soft Furnishings, Home Accessories, Interior Design, Project Management

How would you describe your style?

"Louisa has a passion for referencing nature and bringing the outside in. Early years spent in Spain, Portugal and France encouraged a love for the interior design traditions of each country, particularly their unusual colour combinations. Her time in Malibu, which has a tradition of stunning and theatrical interior design, is also a significant influence. It goes without saying that the timeless and wonderful High Society is her go-to film. We believe the best interior design is beautiful, authentic and stands the test of time."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Louisa started out in Malibu, constructing and painting theatrical scenery and making props and costumes. This helped her understand the importance of being able to combine practicality and creativity. Not only did the sets have to look beautiful and inspiring, but they also had to be practical and work! It also taught the importance of having a team that can deliver on detailed plans. She is lucky on this front, and today has a team that includes bespoke lampshade makers, blacksmiths, upholsterers, curtain makers, cabinet makers, plasterers, painters and glass blowers. They all help deliver on our clients' plans in a creative and practical way. 

She is also a qualified transpersonal psychotherapist. This was a five-year degree and was then followed by one-on-one walk-in counselling for the homeless at a caravan in St James’ and the Kingston Women’s Centre. In the past, she has been reticent to mention this whilst writing about her interior design practice but has come to realise what the training has taught her: that unnecessary time and expense can be saved by carefully thinking through the aims of interior design; and asking the right questions is vital in discerning exactly what the client is aiming to achieve. Without doubt it focuses the mind to the task at hand. 

One of the most interesting parts - and a key principle of The Lost Corner - is finding and developing relationships with the family businesses and craftspeople they work with around the world, based throughout the UK, Europe and Asia. Finding them can be challenging, and some of their sourcing trips end up with nothing to show: in many cases, the most creative people are not big self-promoters. Once contact has been made, they like to understand how each business works and what their story is. A bit like a good bottle of wine, where the provenance is so important. The Lost Corner's aim is to bring this alive and to share this with their clients via the boutique in Barnes or the webshop. This includes a bespoke service for small hotels, yachts and family offices. The product range is broad and includes hand-embroidered bed and table linen, crystal glass, a large variety of porcelain dining sets and much more. This is very much a tailored service."