About Us

The Aluminium Shutter Company believes that style should never be sacrificed for security in your home. With the team's help, you can bid farewell to ugly bars and grills that are traditionally used for home security and simultaneously boost the safety and aesthetics of your home with these interior shutters. Aluminium shutters also attract the same fantastic benefits as their wooden counterparts including enhanced privacy, light and temperature control in rooms. 

Aluminium security shutters are made from reinforced architectural grade aluminium and are fitted with patented Italian bolt locking systems for the highest protection level for your windows. 

As specialists in this luxury product, The Aluminium Shutter Company's experts are the most experienced in the business, so you can rest easy that this top quality product will be measured and installed to the highest standard of workmanship.

What services do you provide?

Shutters and Blinds

How would you describe your style?

"Our style is best described as modern luxury in a contemporary London style. This safety-enhancing, sleek and multi-functional window dressing suits a range of window installations and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Clients use this modern luxury window dressing to transform their windows with a stunning design style which is traditionally associated with luxury interiors and a durable, long-lasting window dressing to suit a variety of interiors."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"One of our recent installations took place at a beautiful Richmond home where our team fitted multiple full height security shutters throughout. Each room has been designed to feature combinations of rustic furniture and block colours which have been bridged by the satin white colour of the security shutters making for a beautiful interior finish. Windows are well protected for the client’s comfort without suffering adverse effects on the refined and elegant room finishes.

Being so versatile, and with three different colour finishes on offer, Aluminium Security Shutters can match to a variety of design finishes from sleek modern to more traditional finishes. No matter what our client’s interior inspiration, our shutters will look fantastic to match the design for a long-lasting, durable addition. 

Aluminium security shutters are a completely unique product in both the home security and interior design markets. This robust shutter material comes in a variety of styles to suit your needs with some features coming as a standard. All aluminium shutters have an inbuilt cog mechanism so slat sections are manoeuvred by simply pushing a single 89mm slat which tilts all to the same angle."