About Us

Services provided : Garden Design, Construction and Maintenance, taking care of each project from the start to the finish line. From its London base, the Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture studio works alongside international architects and designers on projects ranging from small private gardens to larger landscapes and historical restorations to installations for garden festivals. Agronomist and Landscape architect, Stefano believes that green spaces can both improve the quality of life and foster deeper connections with nature. The Studio’s mission is to create naturalistic gardens that enhance the spirit of place, taking inspiration both from the past and from their context and the ecology of the site. An expert plantsman, Stefano draws on a rich palette for his planting plans, personally supervising soil preparation and planting and offering an on going maintenance service. Local craftsmanship and vernacular materials are key to making each garden both unique and very special. Great attention is paid to the quality of design and construction details. Stefano Marinaz Studio is proud to be a Kew Patron, actively supporting the work of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.

What services do you provide?

Garden & Landscape Design

How would you describe your style?

Contemporary with a hint of relaxed formality.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

Images 1 & 2: demonstrate examples of our contemporary design approach in Chelsea residential gardens. Our leading concept is a continuing evergreen theme framed by the expansive architecture of the surrounding buildings. The contours are softened by the extension of the planting beds to merge with the paving. In image 1: rills flow down the green wall taking a sudden horizontal turn, transforming them into several water feature channels, linking the vertical and horizontal planes of the garden together. This continuity is further emphasised by the carefully arranged lighting in both images 1 & 2: enabling our gardens to thrive in their unique characteristics throughout the evenings. Images 3 & 4: at our Alexander Square project, we used the principle of mature evergreen Quercus Ilex trees at the front and a sea of hydrangeas with a selection of shade loving plants such as ferns, orchids, arisaemas providing our client with all year round interest. Image 5: a large country family home in Buckinghamshire set among the pines, ferns and rhododendrons of a stretch of pristine woodland. In a more naturalistic setting, the new garden consists of a courtyard planted from a Japanese palette inside a frame of pleached crab-apple trees, transforming the garden into a place of beauty and delight. Like all of our London projects we aim to contain planting within the refined boundaries of modern elegance. In images 6: we placed a water feature and an exotic sculpture to function as the main focal points yet introduced pleached trees to create a boundary wall for privacy. We always aim to satisfy each of the three senses with our designs: sight, sound and scent. Here the sound of running water is provided by the flow from three bronze taps into a beautiful stone basin.