About Us

Schotten & Hansen develops and manufactures work in timber for every conceivable interior application, and in an enormous range of colours. They bring to life a customer's vision by providing high-quality products, working with them every step of the way through to delivery and final installation. The company's solutions are used in all kinds of places, from private homes and hotels to public buildings and the yacht-building industry. Schotten & Hansen combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create products for healthy living - all which are manufactured with great care and to the highest possible standards, exactly tailored to the customer’s wishes.

Highly valued thanks to the special depth of the surfaces, products are unmatched not only in aesthetic beauty but also in terms of quality as they are regenerated. Schotten & Hansen's portfolio includes surface-finished solutions for all types of interiors, handcrafted wooden flooring, care products and services. With an international network of architects, designers, craftsmen and suppliers, customers’ ambitious projects are successfully completed all over the world.

What services do you provide?

Engineered Hardwood Flooring, Pre-finished Veneers for Vertical Integrations, Architectural Joinery Elements & Professional Maintenance Services

How would you describe your style?

"We stand for the beauty of authenticity. True woodworking craftmanship cannot be reproduced with machines. This is why many of our work processes maintain the traditions of German craftsmanship in combination with modern technology. Special treatments preserve our hand-selected timbers for generations and enable them to change naturally. Using oils, waxes and resins from trees and plants, we have developed processes and incomparable surface finishes that allow our products to remain unique."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Customised Flooring: all of our flooring is tailor-made with wood species, grain selection, surface treatments and colours all defined by the client.

Harmonious Interior Solutions: our wooden surfaces can be set on a wide range of products from staircases and doors to cabinets, walls, acoustic panels, and other veneer products.

Additional Services: we assist our clients during the design initiation phase and early stages of planning with 2D measuring or 3D scanning, drawings, prefabrication of flooring and interior elements as well as with logistical services, installation services, and maintenance and care products.

Care and Maintenance: our specially formulated, in house developed care products work to intensively care, renew and nourish our wooden surfaces. S&H surfaces are regenerable and never have to be sanded."