About Us

Perveen Kaur, The Eco Muralist, specialises in hand-painted bespoke murals using sustainable, eco-friendly tools, processes and materials. Whether designing for a child’s bedroom, living room, home office or commercial space, she creates murals tailored to the space and the client. 

Having trained in interior design at KLC School of Design in 2011 and freelanced in residential interiors since 2012, she has a unique background for designing indoor murals. Taking all aspects of the interior into account – the colours, style, furniture, fabrics and finishes – she creates pieces that fit the interior as well as the client. Decorating houses and painting murals since the age of 16, she enjoys the practical stages of decorating as well as designing art on a large scale. 

Passionate about living and working sustainably, Perveen Kaur founded her company with an eco-friendly ethos. Materials and tools are not thrown away but reused where possible. For instance, leftover paints from one project can be mixed with other paints and reused as new colours for the next project. Eco-friendly tools such as bamboo brushes and recycled paint trays are used, with old brushes and tools repurposed. The paints are from eco-conscious brands that have made their paints as well as their manufacturing processes more eco-friendly. Perveen is constantly adapting her approach to keep up with the latest information on how we as human beings can make a difference – however small – with our actions.

What services do you provide?

Bespoke Hand-Finished Murals

How would you describe your style?

"Contemporary and colourful, including abstract, botanicals or geometrics. Each mural is designed for the specific client and space, reflecting their hobbies and interests or the concept or mood they want for the space."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We offer hand-finished bespoke murals, tailored to each interior and client. The services include One-Wall Designs and Full-Room Designs. One-Wall Designs could be a motif style or an all-over pattern such as botanicals. Full room designs span 3 or 4 walls and envelope the space with art. These designs could be abstract or a bespoke image. 

From a calming nursery vibe for a newborn to a playful design for a small child, a geometric or nature-based theme for a living or dining room, a food-inspired theme for a kitchen or a striking, flowery design for a hallway, bringing art and design into a home can transform the space, enhancing it and adding interest."