About Us

Paola Leon Design is an interior design studio based in Soho, London. With a background of designing and delivering high-end interiors, Paola Leon Design has designed and delivered over 300,000 sqft of high to ultra high-end interiors for both commercial and private clients. Work to date includes office, gym, spa, restaurant, hotel and residential projects. 

Paola and her team believe that only by understanding the individuals behind the project is it possible to truly produce a design that embraces every aspect of the brief. What story would a chef like to tell through a dinner service? Does a couple prefer to have breakfast in the drawing room or garden at the weekend? These are the kind of details they consider when drafting their designs. 

Whether the client is aiming for recognised environmental or wellness credentials or has just taken a fancy to the wallpaper in a favourite television programme, the Paola Leon team will endeavour to seek materials from anywhere in the world to add that special quality to the design. They work closely with skilled craftspeople to design bespoke pieces that meet their clients' specific needs, working alongside artisans throughout the design process to ensure they achieve the quality of craftsmanship that each project deserves. 

What services do you provide?

Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"The homes and interiors we deliver are elegant, functional and thoughtful designs that convey a sense of place. Whether the style is classical, contemporary or eclectic, we incorporate a personal story that we interpret from each client’s unique experiences and visions. The greatest projects are enriched with unique pieces designed specifically for them, imparting a defined voice and distinguishing them from the run-of-the-mill. We also love to reflect and incorporate the history and character of the building itself. It is important to let the personal journey the building has lived be reflected and shine through. Revitalizing itself for a new chapter."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We were commissioned to work on a private villa in the south of England. Full of character throughout, with the most delightful gardens and glorious views over the countryside. The commission included concept work, specifying materials, commissioning joinery, full furnishing, overseeing construction and adding the finishing touches. We had some extraordinary spaces to design in this villa, including a large drawing room, ten double bedrooms, kitchen/breakfast room, three reception rooms, ten bathrooms, powder room, utility room, garage and indoor pool with gym and sauna. What we enjoyed the most was bringing the project to life with favoured treasures already owned and new pieces uncovered in studios, markets and auctions. These decorative finishes are a key element in an organic process. In commercial projects, it is often these final touches that help promote spaces and in residential projects, they are what help give the space that personal definition."