About Us

LC-AV have over 15 years of experience in smart home and audiovisual installations, working in some of the UK and Europe’s most prestigious homes. The team are experts in creating bespoke home technology solutions that are beautiful yet functional, and simple to use for their clients

What services do you provide?

Multi-Room Audio, Smart Home Automation, Home Cinema, Lighting Design & Control, Home Security, Climate Control

How would you describe your style?

“How technology looks is just as important to us as how it works. We’re passionate about custom technology solutions that integrate seamlessly and beautifully into their environment. Whether that’s creating unique features within the home, or blending discreetly and often invisibly into the interior. This usually involves working closely with the architect or interior designer to ensure our solutions work with their vision for the space”

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

“The client at this Hampstead Heath project wanted a home automation system that integrated multiple technologies within their home, but that was really simple to use. On top of that, there was a requirement for the tech to look discreet and in keeping with the clean lines of their stylish, modern interior.

We installed CCTV, lighting (indoor and outdoor), TVs, ceiling speakers, and motorised blinds throughout the house - all integrated with the Control4 app, Touchscreens and custom-designed keypads. We worked closely with the client to ensure that the system was built around their needs and intuitive for them to use. For instance, installing motorised windows and blinds in the extension was really important to the client to help keep the south-facing space cool.

Visually, the low-profile ceiling speakers were discreet and worked well on the angled roof in the extension. We then recessed the TVs and soundbars within the walls and a custom-designed media unit in the living room. 

Lighting also played a really key role in the design and functionality of the home. We created multiple lighting scenes for the different times of day; an evening scene with dimmed lighting around key features and a nighttime scene that lit up pathways to the bathroom without turning on the main lights. These scenes were personalised and created around the family’s needs, with a ‘kids nighttime’ scene that turned the children’s bedroom lights off after fifteen minutes."