About Us

Founded by Holly Hamlyn, HH Designs offers both an interior design service and bespoke artworks. Holly's aim is for people to truly connect with the spaces designed; for surroundings to feel organically functional and clients to feel inspired. With a human-centred approach and an internationally influenced style, she seamlessly delivers on this promise. Inspiration is everywhere we go - and Holly has travelled to many countries around the world in pursuit of it; incorporating every bit of brilliance found into work for clients. Holly's experience, both in London and abroad in South Africa and Zambia, is channelled into her diverse interior designs - from distinguished hotels and gourmet restaurants to high-end apartments and luxury homes - and excellent, considered service.

What services do you provide?

Custom Artwork, Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"With a rich background in art and design, Holly has spent nearly a decade creating interiors - from abstract oil paintings to 70-bedroom hotels, nothing is off-limits. Having lived both in the UK and South Africa, and travelled extensively abroad, Holly’s design influences are far-reaching. HH designs’ are fresh and fun but ultimately aim to reflect the client, ensuring that they feel happy and content in their surroundings. Each space is unique in its own right, decorated with purpose and designed for people first."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Actively involved in local and international projects, we can plan large-scale experiences and everyday room schemes down to the tiniest detail. Utilising a unique blend of skills, we offer a full design service; from turnkey apartments and easy furniture packs to custom interior concepts and bespoke, one of a kind artworks. Pulling together and finishing off a space with original paintings or charcoal drawings is a service we can provide without you having to spend a large sum of money or years collecting artworks. It can be the finishing touch that makes a lasting impression and your space complete."