About Us

Hawksbee Lighting Design Consultancy aims to accentuate the intricate detailing, enhance the surrounding area and provide a design that challenges expectations. The team design lighting schemes for interior and exterior environment for both new and existing builds. The team works with clients to gain a clear understanding of their aims whilst providing a narrative that considers 'the why', before 'the where' and 'the what'. 

Developments within the industry provide the Hawksbee team with evermore exciting and ingenious ways to illuminate interior or exterior spaces. The team focuses on concealed illumination and expressed design that emphasises architectural palettes, and their materials, surfaces and textures. They work seamlessly with the architect, interior designer and the client to create a collaborative and transparent relationship for an exceptional end result, as they are aware that their clients don’t simply want to buy ‘lighting’, they want to achieve an atmosphere within an experiential environment.

What services do you provide?

Lighting Design

How would you describe your style?

"Our clients are drawn to our design rationale and the narrative in which we begin our process, there must be a reason behind we do something before placing anything within the environment we are designing for. That reason might be understanding how the client uses the space, for what function, considering natural daylight ingress as much as we do artificial lighting. Our clients see the value in those considerations."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Each project we work on is bespoke, and our clients are very much individuals, aiming to create a design that reflects them and their requirements. We always offer an initial discussion with the client or design team as a means to better understand the project and its intent prior to providing any type of proposal. The elements that we offer such as the concept, design and technical stages and overseeing the installation to commissioning remain similar however they are tailored to each project. 

We recently completed a mews house on Mount Row. The project itself is relatively modest in size however the detail and coordination of the integration was, quite simply, immense. We mention quite often that to achieve the design intent so seamlessly integrated with the built environment is a testament to the team as a whole and the original aspiration of the client.

The components were either concealed detailing or expressed product. With the concealed detailing it is imperative not to know there is a "product" creating that illuminated effect, we wanted these details to be almost ethereal without perceivably doing so. We achieve from being involved through to the day of client handover, mocking up detail after detail on site with the contractor and design team. 

We set aside a day for commissioning; angle fixtures, set up the scenes and associated light levels, across the property. Mount Row was one of our first residential projects to have scenes controlled by both retractable dolly switches and mobile-based app. 

We designed and implemented the lighting scheme by clear communication and fully coordinating with great design and build team. We achieved the vision set out by the client."

Banner + 1: Alexander James; 2 - 4: Felix Speller