About Us

Bay Gallery Home's roots lie amongst the aboriginal artist communities of Australia's Northern Territories. Whether in their Gloucestershire art gallery or within their award-winning interiors collection, the Bay Gallery Home team are passionate about the stories behind the artwork; from the sacred dreamtime myths and the love and knowledge of the land to the inherited traditional iconography and the bold contemporary evolutions of their artists.

What services do you provide?

Artwork, Textiles, Wallpaper, Tiles, Home Accessories

How would you describe your style?

"Bay Gallery Home believes passionately in respecting, supporting and promoting the Aboriginal communities it represents.  Despite a way of life that continues to be endangered, the Australian Aboriginal people continue to exhibit the incredible resilience and adaptation to change that has sustained them over the many millennia they have inhabited Australia.

Yet, they are at a crossroad. The creation of artwork, in particular the instigation of the contemporary art movement, has unquestionably improved the physical and mental well being of the Aboriginal people. There is a palpable sense of pride and purpose to be found in the communities that paint.

The majority of artists Bay Gallery Home represents are hard-working, determined women providing themselves with an income to provide for their children. The money generated by the Aboriginal-owned corporations creates mobility, educational and work opportunities across the community.  Our artists are remunerated for the purchase of their works, and receive a percentage of any interiors' sale."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Bay Gallery Home's relationship with its artists is one of trust, founded on respect for their heritage and contemporary way of life. This utmost consideration for geographical remoteness, codes of conduct and spiritual sensibilities has allowed Bay Gallery Home to pioneer the first Aboriginal interiors' collection.

The ethos that educates how we source our art carries right through the process of creating our interiors range, My Country. Our products are created and manufactured in collaboration with British manufacturers and designer-makers – our rugs subscribe to the anti-child labour 'GoodWeave' programme and our woods are sustainably sourced.

Art and products from our My Country collection go into projects all over the world, most recently for a Saudi Arabian client working with Emia London interior design. The client chose our Alana Pink & Betty Pink wallpaper for the substantial wall space in their Saudi home; Coryn Dickman’s interior design practice used our Lilly Green wallpaper and botanical cotton fabrics for their client's chalet in France. Aboriginal art, fabrics and wallpapers juxtaposed with antiques from Italy and France works incredibly well in room schemes. Trenz Antiques used our Betty Pink, Daisy Brown and Lilly Green wallpapers in their new Tetbury showroom. Twig of Tetbury is applying velvets to dining chairs. Our My Country tiles were chosen for an Aboriginal construction company’s kitchen in Sydney. They’ve also been used in projects in London, Rio de Janeiro, Australia, Switzerland and throughout the UK. Where we are situated with our unique offerings, means we often get clients who buy for their London homes and their second homes in the countryside.”