About Us

Findda is a London-based interior design studio with a focus on residential projects both internationally and within the UK. The studio was founded by Amy Goodman and Hewie Dalrymple in 2018, inspired by their vision and passion to make interior design available and accessible to all. The team work extremely closely and personally with every client, carefully translating their everyday life into each space and design. Findda is a trusted and dedicated partner throughout the design journey, ensuring clients’ needs are fulfilled to the highest standards, whilst maintaining a friendly and professional approach.

The studio collaborates with a trusted and distinguished network of contractors, suppliers and craftsmen to deliver a bespoke offering. Findda carefully selects its partners for each project to guarantee, as a team, that they work creatively and dynamically to deliver a client’s vision at the highest quality. Findda’s team also continuously search for unique and original partners to work with. Its vision is to make interior design available and accessible to all. The studio’s offering includes different levels of service to assist clients at different stages of the interior design process. Findda works tirelessly to source beautiful interiors that accommodate each client's specific budget, and with no fixed ‘house style’ the team ensures every project's design is tailored, innovative and thoroughly considered.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

“Findda has no fixed ‘house style’; we work hard to ensure that every project’s design is unique and tailored to each client. Clients describe the studio’s aesthetic as gentle with hints of quirk, colour and pattern. The studio’s passion for sourcing antiques, finding new craftsmen and creating bespoke furniture means that no scheme or design is ever the same. With a shared love of nature, art and photography, the studio encapsulates these elements into a series of timeless interiors full of texture and warmth.”

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Findda has recently completed a six-bedroom countryside property in Gloucestershire, designing and sourcing every detail from the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, window treatments down to accessories, fixtures and fittings. The team were tasked with creating a vibrant, colourful and bold home away from home, suitable for entertaining over the holidays. By utilising our network of brilliant suppliers, craftsmen and tradesmen, we were able to create beautiful bespoke joinery and furniture which provided the client with truly unique spaces throughout the house. Bold textures, patterns and colours were used carefully to ensure the charm of the countryside property was maintained."