About Us

Fògher, a leading brand in the world of outdoor kitchens, was developed to provide a unique solution for outdoor living, embracing elegance, style, quality and unparalleled functionality.

Fògher, created by Deimos, a metals design company located at the foot of the Dolomite Mountains in Belluno, Italy, uses its beautiful surroundings and locally sourced materials to offer an eco-sustainable product range that proudly states “Made in Italy – Made in Belluno”.

The vision and need for Fògher’s approach to outdoor cooking was realised by Fabio Raveane and his sister Raffaela, entrepreneurs in the mechanical engineering sector, and together with entrepreneurs Giorgio De Rigo and Elisa Platini who all wanted to create something capable of delivering an exceptional culinary experience, combined with aesthetic appeal, durability and high performance. Enlisting the expertise of architect and designer Nicola De Pellegrini, the four entrepreneurs brought Fògher we know now to the world.

A brand that is proud of its innovation and advancements since its conception in 2015, Fògher’s gas-fuelled outdoor cooking appliances, barbeques, grills, smokers and fireplaces embody the very best of Italian style and craftsmanship. Providing outdoor living solutions that enhance the appearance of open-air spaces and promote sociable, enjoyable culinary experiences to be shared with friends and family. 

Boasting designs inspired by the beauty of the Italian province of Belluno, Fògher’s outdoor kitchens and accessories, such as ergonomically designed dining tables, transform outside spaces, harmonising perfectly with their landscape. Built respecting the needs of the environment, Fògher manufactures its products using sustainable materials, with most components manufactured in-house, sourcing any remaining items from carefully selected Italian suppliers. 

How would you describe your style?

"Fògher is renowned for its distinguished style, offering an outdoor cooking experience that is unmatched in its sector. Designed to complement open-air spaces, using a carefully considered colour palette and sustainable materials to ensure minimalistic yet practical styling.

Fògher’s colour choices contribute to the brand’s distinctive ability to produce manmade products that blend beautifully with nature…

Obsidian – harnessing depth, intensity and timeless elegance.

Sienna - a homage to traditional Italian character, warmth and earthy tones.

Ancient Sage – a shade of green that promotes calm and serenity.

Material Silk – a classic and clean choice that bonds simplicity with sophistication."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Perfectly suited to both domestic and commercial environments, the quality of food produced on any Fògher appliance is appreciated by chefs and foodies around the world. 

Fògher outdoor cooking solutions can be found at many prestigious locations, complementing architecture and innovative design, while providing the opportunity to enjoy food with friends in style. 

Fògher’s exclusive importer for the UK and the Republic of Ireland is Euroline Sales & Marketing. Located in Essex, Euroline’s showroom stylishly showcases many of the products in the Fògher portfolio.

Silverlake, Dorset

Silverlake in Dorset offers a unique holiday home experience, located within acres of nature reserve and surrounded by freshwater lakes. Their rooftop restaurant, with breathtaking views, is home to a Fògher outdoor kitchen, ensuring a sensory treat for guests. Chefs produce culinary masterpieces on the rooftop terrace, where diners can see and smell their dishes being created, adding to the anticipation of their dining experience. 

Lower Mill, Cotswolds

Offering guests the opportunity to make the most of the great outdoors at this stunning holiday location in the Costswolds, Lower Mill has two Fògher outdoor cooking kitchens within their grounds. Utilising a lot of their own homegrown produce, fresh ingredients and talented chefs benefit from the many cooking variations and functions in Fògher’s product range, guaranteeing a memorable dining experience. 

Yakisugi House

Fògher is the choice of outdoor kitchen for one of Italy’s most unique and striking private residences in Vicenza. This home, and architectural masterpiece, achieves the perfect balance between modernity and tradition, making its Fògher outdoor kitchen fit seamlessly into its surroundings. With both the design of the house and the design of the outdoor kitchen influenced by the beauty of the materials used in their creation, Fògher’s outdoor kitchen is the heart of this home, providing the perfect place for gathering, sharing and celebrating a love of food and friendship."