About Us

Founded in 1926, Salice has an unmatched record for innovation and product development that mirrors the evolution of furniture design and the growing expectations of consumers. The inventors of the concealed hinge - now universally used in furniture - Salice also pioneered the concepts of snap-on hinges and soft closing systems. The company owns over 200 patents, and all products are manufactured in Italy using responsibly sourced raw materials. Production is certified to the highest international quality control and environmental standards.

The particular genius of Salice is their ability to combine the Italian talent for design aesthetics with ingeniously designed functional fittings. The revolutionary 'Air' hinge is a classic example of this synthesis. So too is the exquisite 'Excessories' collection of enhancements for furniture in hand-worked Italian leather, fabric, metal, glass and lighting that offer endless combinations to enable truly personalised furniture.

Salice’s sliding door systems enhance minimalist uncluttered kitchen designs, and their Exedra pocket door system has become an industry standard, particularly in studio living where space is at a premium.

What services do you provide?

Hardware, Home Accessories

How would you describe your style?

"The perfect blend of Italian design, innovation and manufacturing excellence driving the development of products that allow furniture suppliers and interior decorators to differentiate and enrich their offering to the end user."