About Us

Discovering a client's interests and really understanding an individual's lifestyle through treasured possessions are integral parts of the design process for Helen Bainbridge. Her brief is always to make you feel like you’ve finally come home. Discovering a buildings’ history, its former owners and the context of nearby surroundings all contribute towards meaningful and evocative design.

Withstanding the vagaries of short term fads, sustainability is at the heart of her ethos. Helen starts with good basics – high-quality items and unfussy shapes that will give a lifetime of service – often incorporating recycled materials and using UK suppliers where possible to reduce delivery miles. It’s all in the detail: from where you like to keep your socks, to how many bottles of wine you want to store at the optimum temperature. All these little problems, cleverly solved will make living in your home a joyful experience. For clients who are too busy, Helen can take away the stressful and mundane part of complex interior design projects by dealing with the project management, chasing and planning deliveries, booking contractors and overseeing installations.

Originally from the North East of England, Helen's parents gave her a deep love of the arts, combined with a practical, pragmatic approach to life. She has been working as an interior designer for over 20 years. Michael O'Sullivan (Helen's husband and business partner) is a qualified accountant and the financial brains behind the business. Furnishing a home can be expensive which is why she takes her duty of care so seriously, providing clients with detailed reports throughout a project and clarifying any queries. She works with talented artisans, from cad technicians to cabinetmakers, builders to gilders, to help create relaxing, soulful homes. Clients are the best advocates, so if you're interested in working with Helen, she will put you in touch with someone who can really give you the lowdown.

What services do you provide?

Bathrooms, Furniture, Interior Design, Project Management

How would you describe your style?

"We start with art: it's the character and springboard for a room. We love using colour for subtlety or transformation. Sustainability is at the heart of our ethos. We enjoy the details and believe that cleverly solved problems make for a happier life. We don't have many fixed opinions about aesthetic style, preferring to take an eclectic, flexible approach, letting our clients and the building guide us."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"This typical Regency vicarage in Cornwall is harmonious and symmetrical as well as airy, spacious and light. Colour schemes in the Regency period became lighter and more playful, to include pea green, sky or Wedgwood blue, soft grey, dusky pink and a flat white or stone. While there is much to admire in the period features of the vicarage, we proposed to also reflect our clients' contemporary lifestyle, particularly their interests as art collectors. We decided that anything permanent such as a bathroom or kitchen should be classical in style which would allow us to be more adventurous with the freestanding items of furniture.

Modernist artist Ben Nicholson created work that shared a surprising number of qualities with the Regency style. His paintings and reliefs are inspired by the light and landscape of Cornwall; his colour palette of subtle pastel shades contrast with small, sharp bursts of primary colour to convey an atmosphere of airiness and harmony. There is also a delicacy to his lyrical line drawings. It is this combination of inspirations that guided our design ethos. We also had a fantastic opportunity to invite artists and craftspeople to create bespoke site-specific pieces for the project. We worked with a mosaic artist, a ceramicist, a painter and furniture makers to create unique works of art. Their responses also fed into our design and helped to create an exceptional home."