About Us

Studio Highlands is a creative Interior Design Studio led by Fiona MacLeod Cameron. The studio is a member of the Society of British & International Interior Design and works on both commercial and residential interiors throughout Scotland and beyond.

The studio focuses on hand-crafted interiors, using natural materials and collaborating with the finest artists and craftspeople to create dynamic and durable spaces. We challenge our clients to explore the limitless possibilities of design. We are currently bringing out our own furniture range using only natural materials to avoid nasty FR treatments, which we believe are harmful. No two projects are the same and we work with our clients to deliver a design to suit their needs.

How would you describe your style?

"Earthy, Elegant and Dynamic. As artists and makers, we love using our hands to craft our interiors, using natural sustainable materials for soft furnishings and hand painting murals, appliqué art for walls, headboards, lampshades and chairs to create bespoke items. We also collaborate with the finest artists and craftspeople to create earthy, elegant, dynamic and durable spaces."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We had the pleasure of working with the National Trust for Scotland on their Mar Lodge project. Many antiques and collectables are kindly donated to the Trust. We had a lot of fun looking through all the beautiful antique pieces and working out what could be saved and reused. We wanted the visitors to have an experience and get a real sense of place. We engaged the staff to gather the wildflowers from around the Lodge and press them to be framed for people to then be able to recognise them on their walks and see up close all their beauty. We hand-painted the night sky on one of the long corridors, depicting the night sky as it was when we worked on the project. We had an exciting comet pass by at the time. We wanted to encourage guests to look up and around and really engage with all the senses and wonders of the surroundings and our beautiful world. We used only Scottish brands for this project and tried to keep everything local to support businesses through the pandemic. We used natural colours and gave every room a season to help add to the overall guest experience. The end result is a beautiful, elegant and encompassing space."