About Us

Minimalistic and functional is the brand identity of Steininger. The corporate identity of Martin Steininger is explained with three words: clear, pure and puristic. The brand is well-known for its outstanding architecture and interior concepts as well as its conceptual designs and creation of unique kitchens. Steininger is combining international designs with the exceptional Austrian craftmanship. Working completely bespoke, each kitchen is individually customised and manufactured almost exclusively by hand in our atelier in Austria, Steininger brings a wealth experience accumulated since 1933.

What services do you provide?

Architecture, Bespoke Storage Solutions, Cabinet Makers & Joiners, Interior Design, Kitchens

How would you describe your style?

Clear, pure and puristic.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

The new fully brass kitchen FOLD at Steininger is handcrafted, tailored to each client and equipped with the highest level of comfort. The M.POD, a state-of-art high-tech work surface, which controls all functions centrally and intuitively. The 32-inch touchpad is integrated into the kitchen worktop surface. The specially hardened and visually bonded safety glass can withstand all the requirements of a kitchen countertop. Neither heat or cold temperatures can affect the smart work surface. Using the fastest touch sensors, the M.POD operates just as fast as a smartphone. The intelligent work surface is the interface to the smart kitchen environment, contemporary recipe book, additional control panel establishes the kitchen as the centre of living due to the numerous entertainment apps. This is how the M.POD turns the kitchen into an intelligent Smart Kitchen Hub.