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From concept to completion, our architecture and interiors service generally follows the RIBA Plan of Work Stages 0 - 7. We work closely with clients developing a brief, a suitable concept and detailed design. We complete the project management aspects of the construction work, overseeing all our projects as they are built. We provide a procurement service, delivering all our design specifications and arranging installation. Regardless of project size and scope, the whole process is carefully managed by SGA.

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Through our work, we explore contemporary practices of architecture while combining functional spaces and style.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

This project has amalgamated three apartments on the 7th floor of a new high-end residential development by the university area opposite the Black Sea in Batumi, Georgia. When first commissioned, the client approached us with the perspective that their children were growing beyond teenage years, and it would be ideal to retain three separate apartments, one for the couple, and two for their respective children. We wanted to show how beautiful it would be to look beyond the privacy aspect of growing up and decided to engage a design process which would uphold the family values, through the proposition of a full floor luxury family apartment, appreciating views on all aspects of the building, had a large reception space for guests, and suitable private spaces for the family members. In doing so, it was found our client’s very much agreed with our approach and fell in love with our proposals.