About Us

Lynne Marcus has been designing gardens since 1997. She graduated in Politics and Sociology and after a career as an HR Director, trained in garden design under Professor David Stevens FSGD, before setting up her design practice in London. Her extensive portfolio includes contemporary, traditional, formal and naturalistic gardens of all sizes in London, in the country and on the coast. Lynne's work has appeared extensively in publications at home and abroad, she has won a number of awards and is Chair of the SGD.

How would you describe your style?

"Classic, contemporary, elegant, pared-down, which anchors buildings with their landscapes and which link interior and exterior spaces to flow both practically and visually to create views and perspectives throughout the house and within the garden. The success of each garden hinges on the consideration of proportion, scale and balance, the incorporation of elements or features unique to each garden and within this the application and interpretation of the clients’ wishes. A restrained, use of natural materials to complement the house, echo the interior design and provide uncluttered and seamless hardscape. Naturalistic, evocative planting schemes to consolidate and enhance the architecture of the garden to provide year-round sculptural and three-dimensional interest. Seasonal texture, form, movement, colour and scent are furnished with the innovative use of an extensive planting palette of shrubs, herbaceous planting and bulbs, designed to complement the aesthetic of the design and to reflect client taste for colour and style. Materials are predominantly UK sourced to reduce carbon output in transportation. A key element of is attention to ecological demands for biodiversity, the attraction of pollinators and water conservation without compromising style."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

A garden was designed in West Sussex, on the side of a hill to complement a beautiful 17th Century house, unite out buildings and open the wonderful view to the South Downs. The client wanted space for dining, relaxing, partying, playing for their family and friends. Linear geometry was preferred and low maintenance planting a must. The Downs were not visible from either the house or the garden. The design twists the geometry and the garden was sculpted to open the view from within the house and garden. A simple, reflective water channel sat in a carpet of aromatic thyme and teucrium opens the garden to the view; the Downs being the main feature of the garden. Pathways and steps unite buildings and garden spaces to create an inviting, circuitous journey throughout. Reclaimed York Stone was re-laid and supplemented and teamed with self-binding gravel and Stone walling was to rationalise levels. The existing swimming pool area was integrated and enlarged. Planting was kept low to the back of the house to open and frame the view using conifer mounds and multi-stem standards – (lots of indigenous Yew and Juniper) to create a rolling, evergreen framework with weaving Pittosporum, lavender, roses, Teucrium and perennials. Raised blossom trees are softly underplanted by the lawn and wild flower meadow wedges are carved into lawn to merge the garden into its rural surroundings.