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How would you describe your style?

Simple style, clean lines, elegant details with a splash of colour.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

The brief was to transform a dated 1960's vicarage into a modern family home. The clients brief was to open up the existing house to include the attic space as part of the living accommodation and create a home filled with lots of natural light, clean lines and a contemporary feel. The main obstacle was getting it through planning as the site was on the edge of a village and the planners were concerned that the original scheme was too modern. Through negotiation and 'tweaks' to the original design, we managed to secure planning with the new new front elevation and double height glazing being approved. This was critical to the scheme as the design centered around demolishing the original vestibule and parish office and opening up the entrance to a grand staircase with a three storey staircase linking the entrance to the second floor/attic. The inspiration always comes from sun path and site/house orientation as this dictates the natural light into spaces, heat gain and space utilisation. If you get this right from the start you can create homes that work with the sun path and enables it to be flooded with sun all day.