About Us

Gillian Gillies Interiors understands that inspired, creative interior design can be a life-changing experience for their clients. It is what they excel at, making life smoother and a little more playful, room by room. They seamlessly blend great taste, with over two decades of global industry experience to consistently deliver beautiful homes to their clients across Canada and beyond.

Gillian and her intimately sized team understand that they can greatly improve their client’s quality of life by providing them with a tailor-made design that fits them like a made-to-measure suit. Nothing is left to chance or luck and Gillian and her team are skilled at listening to and interpreting their clients’ needs. They are storytellers, weaving their client’s stories into each design scheme they create.

Gillian’s firm’s ethos is to deliver an exceptionally high standard of service whilst designing immersive spaces that her clients will enjoy for many years to come.

Originally from Edinburgh, Gillian’s tastes, likes, and desires grew from being immersed in the beautiful, neo-classical and Georgian architecture that the city is founded on. Symmetry, spatial awareness, and grounding are consistent elements in her design schemes along with a happy dose of eclectic playfulness. Centred around a timeless aesthetic, Gillian’s designs are grounded in natural materials, paired with a smattering of heritage and vintage finds. At heart, she is a lover of texture and all things fabric. She believes that there is nothing that a strong cup of tea and a great fabric cannot fix!

How would you describe your style?

At their core, Gillian Gillies Interiors believes in the power of beauty, and their spaces are tactile, layered, and comforting. They create immersive spaces with a strong focus on unique textures and materials. Oversized lighting, fabulous flooring, and wonderful wallpaper are some of the hallmarks of their design schemes. And they know what they deliver is going to transform their client's lives.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Every project Gillian Gillies Interiors works on is tailored to their client's exacting needs. Even if their client doesn't know exactly what these are, Gillian and her team are adept at figuring things out! They want their clients to know they've been cared for throughout the entire duration of their project. When they move into their home or back into their newly designed spaces, Gillian and her team ensure that every little thing has been thought of. From simple things such as easy to reach receptacles with built-in USB ports in your bedroom, to ensure lighting is bright enough for reading while lounging in your living room or cooking in your kitchen, without it looking like you are about to perform surgery on your beautiful new kitchen island countertop! These are the little things that make all the difference to our everyday lives, and Gillian and her team are masters at ensuring that spaces and people flow seamlessly both in and out of the home. This is a team that considers all the minor details so that their clients don't have to.

Currently, the team is working on the renovation and transformation of a penthouse condo in Toronto. A central focus for this project is an array of furniture that holds high sentimental value to their client. These pieces are being reupholstered and reworked in a way that stays true to their original form, but that breathes new life into their beauty. When paired with the carefully selected new and vintage furnishings, the space will look and feel incredibly unique and curated, yet immediately like home for their excited clients."

Virginia Macdonald