About Us

At the helm of LT Design Studio is Lowree Tynes, a proud Bahamian who has amassed over 18 years of professional expertise. Tynes has led her firm to become a published and award-winning entity. 

Livable luxury is central to the team's approach, where each space is not only a showcase of authentic island elegance but also a testament to the comfort and functionality needed in each space. LT Design Studio is committed to understanding the unique way each client lives, and seamlessly elevating their spaces practically, creating a harmonious synergy between aesthetics and everyday living.

The company's portfolio is expansive, spanning luxury residential, hospitality, healthcare, and commercial design. The LT Design Studio team is characterised by a dedication to the ever-evolving art of design. They are perpetual students, driven by creative collaboration and skilful research that continually informs their fresh and innovative concepts. The team's collective commitment to staying abreast of design trends ensures that each project benefits from a rich tapestry of ideas and expertise.

How would you describe your style?

"LT Design Studio is synonymous with crafting timeless, luxurious spaces deeply influenced by Bahamian craftsmanship and the serene landscape of the islands. Our style extends to creating not only a space but a lifestyle for each client by integrating luxurious flowing forms, calming colours, natural textures and materials that authentically capture the vibrant essence of island living."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"A testament to our design prowess is our recent project at One Ocean, Paradise Island. This project showcased our mastery in utilising natural textures, thoughtful colour placement, streamlined furniture, and millwork. The result was a harmonious blend of simplicity and impact, perfectly juxtaposed against the backdrop of existing traditional architecture. This project exemplifies the fusion of livable island luxury with a touch of modernised style."

Dyaria Knowles, IC Marketing