About Us

Vandra Rugs is a weaving atelier offering the highest quality hand-woven rugs in natural materials. Our rugs are luxurious and have a strong sense of craftsmanship. They are available through our own showroom in Stockholm, and carefully selected retailers around the world - including Sinclair Till in London, and Doris Leslie Blau in New York, in addition to our online shop. Every step of our production process takes place in our weaving atelier in southern Ukraine, offering employment to women in this rural area. The atelier was established twelve years ago when old hand looms were bought and shipped down. Local women were recruited and trained by experienced Swedish weavers to gain in-depth knowledge, and weaving courses and workshops are held regularly for continuous development. In addition to empowering the women by offering them a chance to learn a craft, working for a company exporting to the west gives them access and exposure to new cultures.

What services do you provide?


How would you describe your style?

"Vandra Rugs work equally well in both classic and contemporary settings. Our rugs are authentic, timeless and long lasting, and we offer something for everyone. Our teams weave in three different materials: cotton, wool-felt and wool-yarn, and each of our rugs are hand-woven on traditional Swedish floor looms. Our cotton and wool-felt collections - 'Vandra Cotton' and 'Vandra Wool' are woven with a classic Scandinavian 'rag rug' technique. We work with a wide range of patterns in our rug collections, created by the interlacing of linen yarn."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"For unique pieces or specific projects, we offer a bespoke service crafted in our weaving atelier, which has 35 skilled weavers ready to cater to your needs. We start the process by discussing the clients’ ideas about their space, and we take into account the location, the style of the building, the planned use of the room and which look and style is sought after. This enables us to choose suitable colours and materials, and can be further enhanced by the pattern and endings. We are always happy to consult with potential clients and lead them through each steps of the design."