About Us

The Galleria Alessandra Di Castro deals mainly in Italian art, with its collections ranging from old Masters paintings to sculpture, decorative arts and drawings, with its works spanning from the Renaissance period to Neoclassicism. The gallery's mission is to discover, study and showcase the importance of significant works in the history of Italian art. 

What services do you provide?

Artwork and Antiques

How would you describe your style?

"I am persuaded that art, in all its forms, must be an integral part of our daily life. An inspiring and compelling background against which to set every gesture, every thought, every choice. I am so convinced that I build my stands in national and international exhibitions and the displays in my gallery in Piazza di Spagna according to this vision. Discovering art, evolving in taste must be an experience that gives us strength, perspicuity and inward richness. I believe that paintings, sculptures, works of art, must surround us, nurture us, be an active and vitalising element in our existence, in our home life. After all, this is how we Italians grew up, feeling it to be an inextricable part of our context and civilization - a habitat and aesthetic habitus - that have left a deep imprint on the world.

Anywhere in Italy – but in Rome in particular - one encounters art not just in museums, but in the streets, in courtyards, in gardens, in churches, sitting outdoors at a café, and even in the entryways of palaces! Art need not be sought out, one only needs to learn to see it.

For me, art is life. And without art, life shrinks to a humdrum continuance."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Despite the changing times, the team holds firm in its belief in gallery work, and owner Alessandra Di Castro dedicates all her energy to enhancing the beautiful surroundings of the gallery in Rome's famed Piazza di Spagna - an area that has been home to the some of the greatest art studios in history. She strives to export the Di Castro aesthetic to the world through exhibitions at major national and international art fairs and events, including the Palazzo Corsini Biennale in Florence, TEFAF Maastricht and New York, and Masterpiece London.

Since opening the gallery's doors in 2009, one of Alessandra's main aims has been to showcase the gallery's collections and work in art history publications commissioned by leading experts in their respective fields: painting, sculpture, engraved gems, coloured marbles, bronzes, silver, drawings, the decorative arts."