About Us

Having a passionate eye for contemporary art, Philippe Hurel embraced a strong conviction to combine traditional craftsmanship with present-day aesthetics. Robust, elegant and enthusiastic, his style was forged and affirmed in this dramatic but ultimately necessary break with the past. This achievement was all the more valiant given that in taking on the world of contemporary décor, Philippe Hurel never once turned his back on the family heritage.

With its own specialised workshops, Philippe Hurel is synonymous with guaranteed quality, craftsmanship and singular excellence and is a proud recipient of the French label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, the prestigious Living Heritage Company label. Philippe Hurel is deserving of this distinction.

Since the ’80s, the company worked closely with interiors architect Pierre-Yves Rochon on the renovation of the Grand Hôtel de la Paix in Paris. Led by Jacques Grange, Alberto Pinto, David Collins or Olga Polizzi the shining stars of French and European décor would call upon this singular and passionate individual whose enthusiasm proved contagious. These lasting collaborations helped to forge the reputation of Maison Philippe Hurel.

In the '90s, conscious of the position that the creative process must occupy throughout the production process, Philippe Hurel set up a design and style entity within the premises of the Manufactory. This innovation contributed perfectly to the appearance of the interior décor division and the special orders division, created specifically for exclusive, unique or collection derived furnishings.

Over the years, from Gstaad to New York and from Geneva to Dubai, Maison Philippe Hurel acquired an unrivalled international reputation for excellence. Embassies, government ministries and administrative buildings, banks, first-class airport lounges, hotels and private residences, the list speaks for itself. With a majority of production being made-to-measure and with an incomparable level of expertise, Maison Philippe Hurel is highly regarded by an extensive private and professional clientele.

How would you describe your style?

“The art, the craftsmanship and the excellence of timeless French furniture”.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"The Maison Philippe Hurel is devoted to its bespoke service and our design team is keen on creating unique and personalised pieces in collaboration with highly qualified craftsmen and artists. Through this process, we always encourage the freedom of countless combinations from our vast selections of unique materials and unexpected finishes which we have imagined, created and are still creating in our studios.

Our 2020 collection reflects this enthusiasm for renewing our singularity and integrating future aspirations which have been a great success. We are very proud to have contributed to some recent and ongoing stunning projects such as:

- a private residential building in Dallas and a Ranch in Texas in collaboration with Allen Kirsch.

- an Alps Chalet in collaboration with Jean Marc Mouchet.

- a well-known Notarial firm in Paris.

- a very exclusive private villa in St Tropez.

- a luxury hatter boutique in Paris."

Image 1: ©Jean-Marc Palisse; Images 2, 3 + 4: ©Amelie maison d’art; Image 5: Design by Jean Marc Mouchet - photo ©Erick Saillet; Image 6: Design by Allen Kirsch; Image 7: Design by Mathilde Grouvel MAG Designs - ©MIAIG Designs; Image 8: Design by Quitterie Cirotteau for Philippe Hurel - ©Paul Presteau KL, a global notarial & legal advice,for individualised solutions, secure and pragmatic, in France and abroad.