About Us

Founded in 2019 by Cheney upon returning to the UK after spending a decade living in the Middle East, Exhibited Sculpture and Paintings at renowned events such as World Art Dubai. Eldest daughter Ebony, a Graphic Designer who also shares a passion for art and design joined soon after, making Cheney Penrose Designs a design-led family business. 

A love and fascination for wildlife and the natural world has always been present and enjoyed through travel and the experience of living in a multi-cultural environment. 

All our designs are painted by Cheney, mostly using watercolours. Inspired by the ever-changing beauty of the English countryside and wildlife, taking inspiration from all parts of the world to celebrate our incredible planet while infusing designs with a confident use of colour and imagination. Each piece of art is digitised to create unique and eclectic designs using cutting-edge techniques.

Cheney Penrose Designs’ vision is to bring colour class and quality into your home, offering handcrafted pieces of art to be used in everyday life. 

We celebrate traditional handcrafted methods while working with professionals and masters of their trades both in England and now in India, providing valued employment within handcrafting communities. 

With our passion for art and unique vision, we want to put contemporary art into everyday living through our luxury, eclectic home décor, textiles and eco wallpaper. Each product has been designed to combine beautiful hand-painted artwork with ethical and sustainable production methods.

How would you describe your style?

"Enchanting designs Inspired by the beautiful world around us, past worlds, and worlds beyond our imagination. Eclectic, colourful, wild but with a twist of history and vintage vibes to keep the imagination alive."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"A very exciting project that we have recently launched is our Eco and Sustainable wallpaper collections. We have spent the best part of 2022 painting, designing, and sampling the beginnings of our new English countryside and wildlife-inspired designs using the new Eco-grade wallpaper printed in England. We are thrilled at becoming one of the first British brands to launch the start of our wallpaper collections with Eco-grade wallpaper. The main benefit of this wallpaper’s sustainability is that the oil-based polyester (PET plastic) fibres have been replaced with renewable PLA (Plant derived Thermoplastic) fibres. PLA fibres are created from fermented plant starch and produce approximately 30% fewer greenhouse gases in the manufacturing process compared to polyester (PET plastic) fibres.

Cheney Penrose Designs offers growing collections and a complete lifestyle including wallcoverings, fabrics, fine dining, cushions, blinds, and wall art. Bringing a serene feel to your interior décor, rich in detail with high-quality embellishments and handcrafted finishes our aim is to transport charm, elegance, history, and a sense of mystery to any living space.⁠"

Cheney Fairchild