About Us

Smith & Butler is an interior architecture and design studio, established in 2015 by Erin Bruemmer Smith and Alexandra Butler, who have over 26 years combined experience in creating high-end residential interiors for projects across the UK and internationally. 

Our focus is on residential projects, ranging from modest decoration schemes to blank canvas new builds. We look at all elements of design, from spatial layouts and architectural detailing to hard finishes, colour palette and furnishings. Every project is approached on a bespoke basis ensuring the highest level of quality, attention to detail and comfort.

Smith & Butler’s relationship with the client is at the core of what we do and allows us to provide a highly personalised and enjoyable experience, which makes the finished home even more special.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"Contemporary with a mix of bespoke upholstery, unique pieces, textural soft furnishings, and immaculately detailed joinery. Our interiors always compliment the bones of the property and provide our clients with a layered living space to suit their needs."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We recently completed the full refurbishment of a 6,000 sqft home in Surrey – the third home we had worked on for this particular client. After a long period of planning and discussion, including drawing up layouts for an entirely new building, it was decided that the original architecture of the existing property should be retained and that we would focus instead on re-designing the bathrooms, putting in joinery where additive and using a brighter, more contemporary aesthetic for the general palette and furnishings. 

This house had been a family home for many years and there was a certain sentimental attachment to its prior format. So, a sympathetic touch and an open dialogue on every aspect of the design, great or small, was used to bring the house in line with the family’s new needs. Original features, such as the oak staircase, were retained. The narrow timber floorboards were replaced with wider ones to give a sense of space. Wall lights were added where possible to help in low-ceilinged areas and window treatments were modernised to maximise light. We delivered a project that flowed between old and new, reflected the refined and pared-back taste of the client and kept the best elements of its first incarnation intact."

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